Paperwork Programs

"Piercing the corporate veil has become the most litigated issue in corporate law today. In every case the plaintiff’s intent is to acquire the personal and business assets of the company, and at least half of them win."

Wake Forest, Law Review

Compliance Programs

Compass Incorporated document assistance packages are for corporation and LLC owners who:

  • Want to maintain the legal requirements of corporate operation
  • Don’t have time to keep their documents
  • Don’t want the hassles and headaches of more paperwork.
  • Who want the protection of their corporation.

Foundational Paperwork Program

Our most basic annual maintenance program ensures that you have your Foundational paperwork essentials taken care of. Also includes access to the exclusive Compass Client Center which hosts a variety of self-help tools for corporate record keeping...

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Complete Corporate Maintenance

This program is for companies looking for complete professional maintenance of their corporate documents without the hassle of having to deal with the necessary paperwork in-house. Essential for any company serious about preventing the piercing of their corporate veil, this package offers an initial review of your current corporate status and an array of additional perks including a 24-hour online Q&A form, VIP entry to online seminars, and much more...

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Professional Paperwork Assistance

This program was developed for the active business, or if you haven't been as diligent with your corporation as you should have. We will do a complete evaluation of your company records and work with you to recreate documents from years gone by or assist you with getting your active business up to date and on the right track. This program is for business owners who want to take full advantage of their corporate entity without the hassles and headaches of more paperwork. This program also gives you access to a network of professionals in the legal and accounting fields.

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Compass Reseller & Affiliate Programs

Corporate compliance programs that will make you money!

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BBB Online Reliability Program

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