The Compass $125,000 Guarantee

Corporate Veil Guarantee Checklist

  • The Corporation or LLC has filed valid incorporation or organizational forms within the proper state agency and has paid all filing fees.
  • Your company maintains an active commercial Registered Agent
  • Prepare and execute the By-laws and/or Operating Agreement upon formation of your entity that details the internal operations and affairs and operations of the management of the company.
  • File all documents required for Foreign Qualification as a foreign entity in all jurisdictions where your company has legal or tax needs. Pay all associated fee’s and keep in compliance annually
  • File annual report in State or States where entity is qualified to do business. Annual reports must be filed timely.
  • File State and Federal Tax Returns correctly and timely.
  • Pay Unemployment Insurance
  • Pay all Social Security Withholdings
  • Company monies must not be commingled with personal or other entity monies
  • Company must be in good standing  with Compass Group
  • All information relayed to Compass Group must be communicated with Good Faith and understanding the Compass Group relies on your communication and timelines to provide accurate accounting of your business decisions.
  • Produce Promissory notes with reasonable interest accrued for all loans to and from shareholders, directors, members, managers, officers and employees. If applicable security agreements and UCC-1 financing statements prepared.
  • Legal proof that the company was formed for a legal purpose and has not engages in any illegal activity including fraud or deception.
  • The company must have sufficient capital given the business purpose in which it is engaged
  • Personal expenses should be paid from the companies monies or assets
  • Accounting Records must be kept separate from personal records and from other entities
  • If using a DBA, confirm that the use of said DBA complies with all applicable laws and statuary requirements and that the use of the name is reasonably apparent that the business conducted under such name is the business of the company itself and not an individual, unincorporated or unformed entity.
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DISCLAIMER: Compass Group and its employees or agents are not in the business of providing tax or legal advice. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a person in those professions should be sought. Compass Group, its employees and agents do not make any factual determination as to the validity of any business deduction for tax purposes. Compass Group does not expressly or impliedly endorse, accept, or validate any business record produced by Compass Group on behalf of Client. The Completed Documents produced by Compass Group through this written request are based solely upon the information provided by the client.